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All math teachers are testing the math content. All Core teachers are testing the ELA content and all 8th grade science teachers are testing for the California Science Test Pilot. The science test is a pilot and the scores will not be reflected in the scores for this year.  

Please be aware of the dates your student's teachers will be testing and we ask that you please do not schedule any appointments at those times and make all appointments after school.


Make sure students get plenty of sleep and have a hearty breakfast... and don't forget to eat lunch - it helps fuel the brain! 


How to Help Your Student on the SBAC Assessment

There are a number of great ways to help your student do well on the SMARTER BALANCED ASSESSMENT CONSORTIUM (SBAC), which our state's Summative Assessment. The SBAC assessment is designed to see if your student is proficient on the academic skills and knowledge students are expected to master at each grade level. These skills are delineated in the Common Core State Standards for each course at each grade. They can be seen at State Content Standards.

First, of course you need to stay on top of the daily schoolwork and homework. All student work is designed to help them learn the standards.

Second, contact your student’s teachers if you have any questions, and stay on School loop to monitor progress.

Third you can review the state’s Program Resources for the SBAC assessment at Program Resources. Included in those resources are the Released Questions for each assessment that gives you examples of the types of questions on each test. You can see and practice them on the SBAC portal.

Fifth, you can review and go over the testing vocabulary and the academic vocabulary for each assessment with your student. These are the words your student needs to know to be successful at each grade level. Often, the single biggest obstacle to overcome academically is vocabulary development. We have compiled a list of both testing and academic vocabulary for each assessment at each grade level, and you can check them out at Academic and Testing Vocabulary.


2018-19 Test Windows

BENCHMARK #1 (Orange)

Core: Nov 26 - Dec 21

Math: Dec 3 - Dec 14


BENCHMARK #2 (Green)

Core: Mar 4 - Mar 29

Math: Mar 5 - Mar 15



7th Grade Only: Mar 4 - May 17


CAASPP (State Tests)

May 1-7 practice testing, regular schedule
May 8, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 17 TESTING
May 20-24 Makeups


BENCHMARK #3 (Summative)

Core: May 28 - Jun 20

Math: May 28 - June 14