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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Welcome to our new Parent/Teacher Conference scheduling system!

2019-20 CONFERENCE DATES (times vary per teacher)

Tuesday October 22 (short schedule) after school
Wednesday October 23 (no school/classes) morning/afternoon
Thursday October 24 after school

Parent-teacher conferences are 10-20 minute meetings intended to discuss a child's progress at school and to find solutions to academic or behavioral problems. They are intended for parents who have specific concerns about their students, or for students whose grades are currently C's or lower.

Please bring your student with you to the meeting (with their backpack and student planner). There is substantial evidence that their inclusion at these conferences increases the overall productivity of the meetings.This will also ensure that the expectations and goals will be well-defined and understood by all concerned parties.


If you have a personal google account, you can click the teacher links and reserve your slot for a teacher conference.

If you do not have a google account, you can use your student's account! All students at Dwyer have a school google account.

If you need further assistance, please call the office at 714-536-7507.

Review the slides below for instructions on reserving and cancelling your conference.

Reservation Links

*** CLOSED ***

When reserving, please include student name and concerns you would like to discuss in the description

Teacher List


*** CLOSED ***

Select the teacher to view/reserve a conference slot. When a slot is reserved, it disappears from the view/selection. Only you and the teacher see the reservation once it is made. The teacher will see the reservation on their calendar, and you will see the reservation on your calendar (if you used your/students account).