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 2020 Promotion: June 19th at 2pm


  1. If you need assistance with the cost of Promotion let us know.

Promotion Ceremony Information

  1. Please open the attachment to get important information on the Promotion ceremony and Promotion Program.
  2. There is a deadline on some of the stuff, SO CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!

Panoramic Picture

  1. The 8th grade Panoramic Picture will be in front of the school.
  2. The Panoramic Picture costs $20.00. Get a payment envelop from your CORE teacher or the front office.

8th Grade Promotion Flowers Order Form

Click here!

Promotion Requirements

In order to receive a Certificate of Promotion or be allowed to participate in any promotional activities students must meet the following conditions:

  • The student must maintain a cumulative grade point of at least 1.50 at the conclusion of the eighth grade.
  • The student must have no more than 10 absences without valid excuse (deliberately stayed away from school on his/her volition) during the eighth grade.
  • The student must meet all conditions of a School Attendance Review Board contract (if the student is under contract) in the eighth grade that stipulates attendance as a “conditional of promotion”.
  • The student must have a clear library account by either returning all books checked out to the student (both text books and library books) or paying for the replacement value of the books checked out to the student.
  • The student must accumulated no more than 21 discipline demerits during 8th grade and not have been suspended in the 4th quarter of their 8th grade year.

Any student who has attended less than one semester in Huntington Beach City School District will be considered for promotion by the site administration.


Each eighth grade student who is not eligible to receive a certificate of promotion or participate in any promotional activities shall conference with the student’s parent and an administrator.  A written notification shall be provided to parents explaining the reasons for the ineligibility.


Students in grades six thru eight will be retained if they have not met the District standards regarding promotion or they have not satisfied the conditions of a “conditional promotion.”  Please visit HBCSD website to view the promotion/retention brochure.