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Discipline Policy


Dwyer Middle School’s Discipline Plan is constructed on 3 levels of infractions. Each Level has increasing consequences that ultimately may result in suspension and is recorded on the permanent record card. There are consequences for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 infractions.

Level 1:  Lunch/After School Detention

Students may be referred to lunch detention if their classroom conduct interferes with the teaching or learning process or if they have violated other school or personal safety rules.  Individual classroom discipline plans apply to all students. Students who go to lunch/after school detention do their class work or homework while there. A teacher supervisor is available to assist students with their assignments. If a student is assigned lunch detention, the student will be allowed to bring a lunch or buy a district lunch only (no a la carte items).

Level 2:  Multiple Lunch/After School Detentions/Friday-Saturday School

Students may be referred to multiple lunch/after school detentions or Fri/Saturday School if they violate Level 2 infractions. Students report to an assigned classroom where they may complete homework assignments. 

Level 3: Formal School Suspension

Suspension is the removal of a student from school for disciplinary reasons by the school administrator or his designee for a period of one or more school days. Homework will not be provided to students who are suspended from school. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and complete work missed due to a suspension.

Common reasons for suspension from school are:

  1. Fighting, encouraging, or provoking a fight.
  2. Harassment of any type (sexual, verbal, religious, and racial).
  3. Possession of marijuana, controlled substances or other prescription drugs without a valid and approved prescription.
  4. Any other prohibited act may result in suspension, depending on a student's prior behavior. A student is under the authority of the school while on school grounds, at any school sponsored activity, and while traveling to and from school.    

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices


Students must turn off cell phones at the start of the school day (8:35 am) and keep them powered down and out of sight until the end of the school day (2:43 pm). Cell phones are not allowed to be used at school for any reason.


1st Offense: Phone confiscated and parent pickup in office.

If a cell phone or other electronic device is determined by a licensed physician or surgeon to be essential for a student’s health and the use of that device is limited to health-related purposes, then the student will be permitted to carry it on him/her and use it whenever necessary. Student must have a written note from physician.


Use of electronic music devices (iPods, etc.) is strictly prohibited at Dwyer Middle School. Students must turn off electronic music devices at the start of the school day (8:35 am) and keep them powered down and out of sight until the end of the school day (2:43 pm). Consequences: Same as above.

Discipline Matrix