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Meaghan Dieda


Basketball Unit

Lay-Up Rubric


6-     Mature technique

Performs the mature technique in game with accuracy and consistency (80%)


5-     Approaching the mature technique

Performs the correct technique with fair accuracy

and consistency (50%)


4-     Perform the correct technique

  • Student dribbles all the way into the basket  

  • Student is balanced when approaching the basket  

  • Student jumps off their inside leg while shooting with their outside hand  

  • Student jumps from an appropriate area on the floor  

  • Student uses the backboard while shooting


3-      Approaching the correct technique

Student demonstrates all but one element of the technique.


2-         Immature technique

Student demonstrates only some elements of the technique.


1-         Random attempt

Student demonstrates two or less elements of the technique.

Standards and Offense and Defense Positions

Standard #5

5.5 Accept the roles of group members within the structure of a game or activity.

5.6 Describe leadership roles and responsibilities in the context of team games and activities.

5.4 Identify the contributions of members of a group or team and reward members for accomplishing a task or goals.

Alongside learning their roles and responsibilities on their team, students will be learning some basic football concepts. These will be: Positions, Passing Patterns, some Penalties, and rules. This standard will be evaluated by a 10 question test at the end on the unit.

Standard #1

1.3 Demonstrate basic offensive and defensive skills and strategies in team physical activities.

1.4 Apply locomotor, nonlocomotor, and manipulative skills to team physical activities.

Depending on their role (position), students will be evaluated on their specific skill development using a rubric.

Standard #2

2.5 Diagram, explain, and justify offensive and defensive strategies in modified and team sports, games, and activities.