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Destination Dwyer

Leader Review Day - August 29th 



Destination Leaders, 

We are so excited to have Destination Dwyer coming up in the next week! Here are some things to remember: 

1. We will have leader review day on August 29th from 11-2pm. Please meet in the cafeteria on time. 

* If you are in ASB you will be meeting with Mrs. Chacon before the leader review. 


Destination Dwyer Day 

On August 30th you will need to be here by 8am at the latest. We will have most of the set up done on review day but we will need to get you all ready for those new students. 









Destination Dwyer Leader - Dates & Information

Destination Leaders

Hi Leaders!
Please make sure the dates below are marked off in your calendar!  
Spring Leader Orientation: Thursday, May 24th 1:30-2:30 pm 
Leader Training: Tuesday, June 19th and Wednesday, June 20th 8:30 am - 2:43 pm 
Leader Review: Wednesday, August 29th 
6th Grade Orientation/Destination Dwyer Day: Thursday, August 30th 8:00 am - 2:30 pm 
First Day of School: Thursday, September 6th; Wear your Destination Dwyer Shirt
Destination Dwyer - Dates

Where Everybody Belongs!

Destination Dwyer - Where Everybody Belongs, welcomes new students to Dwyer during the week before school starts. Three Dwyer teachers, Mrs. Zeller, Mrs. Mason, Ms. Mazzera and a number of 8th/7th graders lead incoming 6th graders and transfer students in fun activities to familiarize them with Dwyer, our customs and norms.

Incoming 6th Graders

The Destination Dwyer Team is so excited to be welcoming you to Dwyer Middle School for the 2018-19 school year! We are all preparing an exciting, fun, and informative day to get you ready for the first day of school, so we hope you are ready! Below are some important dates and items of information to put in your calendar. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email the the Destination Coordinators through the school loop website.   

Mrs. Zellmer, Mrs. Mason, and Ms. Radomske


6th Grade Orientation/Destination Dwyer Day: Thursday, August 30th 10am-2pm

  • Please wear comfortable clothes 
  • Pizza lunch will be provided 
  • Please bring a water bottle filled with something to drink for the day 
  • You will want to find your name tag under the solar panels (Last name, alphabetical order)
  • Once you have your name tag you will be directed to the amphitheater steps

First day of school: Thursday, September 6th