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Leroyce Hernandez


Website of Mrs. Hernandez - Visual Arts Electives

Welcome to my website.  For specific information regarding one of the visual arts elective classes I teach, please select the respective course:

  • 6th Grade Wheel - Tech
  • Animation - Beginning
  • Animation - Advanced
  • Digital Media & Tech
  • Yearbook

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that each student is a unique individual who needs a caring, secure and stimulating environment to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, and socially. I further believe that all students can learn and to do this they need to feel connected to both school and our community. That’s why I support student learning by making myself available to students and parents by maintaining an open door policy. Students can drop in during lunch and/or after school to receive individualized support or to exert extra effort on a project they are passionate about. I am also involved in extracurricular activities at school ranging from chaperoning dances to evenings showcasing our students’ visual arts, to attending performing arts and competitive sporting events – while capturing these moments for our student yearbook. Through high academic standards it is my desire as an educator to help students learn to their greatest potential, encouraging them to develop into responsible, contributing citizens in the 21st century.  While I currently teach Visual & Technical Electives (Yearbook, Computer Literacy, Beginning – Advanced Animation) –I insure that ALL of my students are also engaged in meaningful reading and writing in addition to learning the technical skills of the class. I believe that one of the most vital elements to communicate to students is that English is significant to their lives and their futures.  In addition, it is critical to make the material taught relevant to the students by explaining how it will aid them in their future endeavors. If students don’t believe they will use the material in their future, they see the lesson as unimportant. As a former ELD and GATE teacher I have had the unique opportunity to work with a variety of learners and incorporate specialized teaching strategies into my every day classrooms.  I continuously monitor students’ progress toward learning goals and provide additional support to help all students achieve success!    I differentiate instruction and will modify assignments based on individual student needs while maintaining the integrity of the assignment and learning.  To enable students to go “deeper” into their learning, I also believe in integrating cross curricular subject matter into projects assigned in my computer and animation classes. I collaborate with my colleagues to gain their input concerning technology needs of their students, as well as to find ways to incorporate their subject matter into my classes. This enables learning to come full circle as students practice what they have learned in academic classes using a different side of the brain—the right, as well as a different tool – the computer. Students construct deeper knowledge as we integrate cross curricular subject matter into activities that reinforce the lesson being studied. For example, animation students work in teams to create animated films that explain a scientific process in the life, earth or physical sciences ranging from animal dissections and Nitrogen Based Pairing, to the Rock Cycle and Photosynthesis, to the construction of Newton Rockets and Scooters.  This allows for my students to enhance a range of 21st century skills such as journalism, technology and life skills as they research, write and edit copy, create graphic art and design online, problem solve, develop time and project management skills, collaboration and team building skills, as well as communication and public speaking skills.


As for me, teaching provides an opportunity for recurrent learning and growth. I am continuously reflecting on not only lesson success and how I could improve on structuring and delivering my lesson, but on enhancing curriculum as well.  As a BTSA support provider, I felt the need to help and guide newly credentialed teachers through their first few years of teaching.  I found this extremely beneficial because regardless of our experience and strengths, we all want to continue to improve our teaching, as well as our students’ performance. Teaching is a never ending story – it can be full of surprises and you must be ready to adapt and discover new strategies to implement in the classroom. What remains at the forefront is the need to create a meaningful learning environment and to understand how to relate your knowledge to students. One of my hopes as an educator is to instill a love of learning in my students, as I share my own passion for learning with them.