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A note from a parent or guardian can be valid up to three days. Notes must include: student name, date(s), reason, phone number where parent or guardian can be reached and adult signature. If the illness or injury is longer than three days, a medical note from a doctor is required. The doctor's note must include: how long the child is out, what they can or can't do in class, and when they are expected to return to physical activity. Parent and/or medical notes do not excuse the child from making up the activity, classwork and/or homework that occurred during the child’s illness, injury, or absence.


If a student is out of PE for medical reasons, verified by a doctor’s note, the following are the procedures:


  • If student is out with a doctor's note for less than a week, they can assist PE teachers.

  • If student is out with a doctor's note for 2-4 weeks, they can sit in the office at a desk and do work for other classes.

  • If a student is out with a doctor's note for more than 4 weeks, they will be assigned to one of their current academic teachers classrooms for their PE period.  Administration will contact teacher and arrange room location.


Each student will be assigned a small locker in the locker room and is required to use their assigned locker for P.E. Students will need to provide their own personal lock. Students need to keep their P.E. clothes and all valuables (wallet, cell phones, etc.) locked in their assigned locker. There is no sharing of lockers and/or personal combinations. Students who switch their locker with someone else without teacher approval will be assigned school detention. When the class period is over, students need to put their P.E. clothes back into their assigned locker and lock their lock on their locker. If a student has lost their lock or is having problems with their lock, they are to notify the teacher immediately for assistance. Backpacks do not fit inside the locker; therefore, can be placed in front of the student's locker while in class (do NOT keep valuables inside the backpack).



It is expected that all students in P.E. dress in the appropriate uniform which includes a pair of tennis/athletic shoes that tie/velcro, socks, Dwyer gym shorts, and a Dwyer P.E. T-shirt. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are allowed during cold weather, but sweatshirts do not replace wearing a Dwyer P.E. shirt. Baseball hats may be worn outside if they do not cause any disruptions. In accordance with school dress policy, pajama bottoms may not be worn for P.E. class. Not wearing P.E. clothes or wearing street clothes under the Dwyer P.E. uniform will result in a “nonsuit” and after three non suits, the student may receive detention. P.E. clothes are to be worn in P.E. class only. Stick deodorant is a recommendation. AEROSOL deodorants and any product in glass containers are not allowed in the locker room.  If found, they will be confiscated and not returned.



Students must be in the locker room before the tardy bell rings to avoid being marked tardy.  When entering the locker room at the beginning of the period, students will go directly to their locker and change into their P.E. clothes. All students will proceed outside directly to their assigned roll call numbers as soon as they are dressed, and sit down so attendance can be taken. Five minutes prior to the end of the period at the direction of the teacher only, students will return to the locker room to dress into their school clothes.  When students are changed and ready, they need to wait outside behind the red line until the sound of the bell before proceeding to their next class. Leaving early to their next class may result in school detention.



Jewelry, gum, and food will not be allowed in P.E. class for safety reasons and to keep the school grounds in good condition. Chewing gum or eating in or around the locker room will result in school detention.


Students are expected to abide by these  P.E. Guidelines to help create a safe and positive environment:


be responsible | be safe | be kind | be respectful | always do your best


In accordance with these P.E. Guidelines, students are expected to: follow teacher directives responsibly, follow classroom rules and procedures at all times, and during instructional time pay attention. Students are expected to keep their hands, feet, and body to themselves, not physically or verbally harass, bully, or intimidate others, not use inappropriate, profane, or abusive language or gestures, and not take part in horseplay, fighting, or fighting words. Students are expected to follow all rules and procedures on the fields, in the locker rooms, and any other area their P.E. class may be. For safety purposes, any horseplay inside the locker room will result in school detention.



In P.E. class we comply with the school rules and expectations for cellphones, but also have our own policies specific to our Department. Cell phones are NEVER allowed out or in use in the locker room in order to protect every student’s privacy. Cell phones should always be locked in lockers during class for safety unless directed by their teacher. If a student is caught with their cellphone out and visibly in use, that cell phone will be subject to confiscation and inspection of its camera roll for misuse.



In Physical Education, we use, create, and share videos and video content made in class.  These video projects often are a collaborative project and may be shared with other students in the school.  As a parent, we should always be concerned about the viewability and security of the video content involving our children.  All video content created in our instruction is created inside of our school district’s secure domain (  Additionally, students are taught how to share their content securely within their school Google account; therefore, no one, including students, can view the video content without logging in as a student or teacher of HBCSD. We take students’ privacy and security very seriously, and believe strongly in educating students in digital content safety.



Disciplinary action for misconduct has a twofold purpose. As the student handbook states, it is intended to give students an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and also to protect the educational environment. If a student chooses not to comply with the rules and procedures, disciplinary steps will be taken. Disciplinary action may lead to detention and may affect their citizenship grade as well as their work habit grade.


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