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Dwyer Middle School's Music Department provides comprehensive offerings in both instrumental and vocal development. Our advanced classes are part of the school's Academy for the Performing Arts Junior (APA Jr.), which is a pathway to HBHS APA programs. Our music classes allow students to realize their fullest potential while interacting with peers who share their passion for the Arts. Involvement in music not only increases self-esteem, but often raises the level of academic achievement as well. More importantly, our students learn various musical skills, develop lasting relationships with their peers, and acquire a lifelong appreciation for music.

Mr. Mationg: Show Choir, Orchestras, Beg. Band, Commercial Music

Mr. Reyes: Concert Choirs, Adv. Band

Dwyer MS Music


APA Jr. Auditions Info

APA Jr. Application now available for 2019-2020!

Dwyer's Music Department offers a variety of music classes ranging from beginning to advanced skill set, some of which do not require an audition. Our advanced classes are part of our school's APA Jr. program - a pathway to APA at Huntington Beach High School. All our offerings are yearlong classes.

Students currently enrolled in a beginning Dwyer Music full-year elective will be evaluated within their class. Thus, it will not be necessary to schedule an audition appointment. However, an application should still be submitted.

Classes that DO NOT require auditions (open to beginners):

  • Beginning/Intermediate Band (Band 1-2)
  • Beginning/Intermediate Strings (Orchestra 1-2)
  • Concert Choir (Choir 1)
  • Commercial Music: Guitar (Guitar 1-2)

APA Jr. Music Classes (Audition Required):

To initiate the audition process and schedule an audition appointment for our music classes, please complete the APA Jr. Application and submit it to the office or one of our music teachers.

*Click Audition Checklist to find required audition materials.

Details of audition requirements for each class can be found in the "Audition Checklist” page.

Required audition materials such as sheet music can be found in the corresponding locker folder in the top right column.

Music Locker
4/26/18 9:05 AM
3/11/18 9:54 PM
3/11/18 9:54 PM
3/11/18 9:55 PM

2019 SCVA

2019 CMEA All-state Festival