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Student Access

***BE SURE students choose the right test***

They may see ELA, Math, and Math Accelerated on their list of Assessments.

***Don't let students "google" for the webpage - must use school links ***



Double click on Student Programs icon on the desktop

Click on Illuminate Home Connect button

IMPORTANT: STUDENTS MUST RESTART the computer at the end of the period so Illuminate will forget their profile. If they don't, the next class will be auto-logged in as the previous student.



Login to Chromebook.

In Chrome, click on HBCSD BOOKMARKS in the upper left corner

Select Illuminate Home Connection (



Students sign in with the GOOGLE ACCOUNT.

PASSWORD - If for some reason they don't know their Google password by this time of the year, contact Mrs. Carman or HelpDesk.


screenshot sign in with google

screenshot select the right assessment

***BE SURE students choose the right test***

They will see ELA, Math, and Math Accelerated on their list of Assessments.


Grading Constructed Response

(as of 2016-2017)

  1. Select the Assessments tab.
  2. Click List Assessments.
  3. Once in your list of assessments, find the assessment you need to grade responses for, click on the title.
  4. Click on Administration.
  5. Select Enter/Edit.
  6. Use the dropdown menus to specify what students you want to enter data for.(I suggest filtering by “Teacher” only and entering for all students)
  7. Click Find Students.
  8. Select Grid at the top of your page
  9. Click Constructed Response. This view will show you a list of your students, scoring column, and the student response to the question.
    1. Read the students response. (Item 1 below)

    2. If you need to review the question and scoring rubric, click on Show Question and the question/rubric will show in a pop up window. (Item 2 below)

    3. c) Input the student's score in the scoring column. (Item 3 below)

    4. d) Make sure to Save as you go if Autosave is not selected. (Item 4 below)

    5. e) To navigate to another Constructed Response item, simply use the Arrow keys at the top of the page. (Item 5 below)


screenshot Constructed Response

Teacher Access

Teacher Portal


***NEW 2018-19***
Teachers will be responsible for making their own rosters. Video instructions available on Team Drives/Dwyer Teachers/Technology/How To folder.

2018-2019 Benchmark Schedule

BENCHMARK #1 (Orange)

Core: Nov 26 - Dec 21
Math: Dec 3 - Dec 14

BENCHMARK #2 (Green)

Core: Mar 4 - Mar 29
Math: Mar 5 - Mar 15

BENCHMARK #3 (Summative)

Core: May 28 - Jun 20
Math: May 28 - June 14


Lightning Grader Intro