Ethel Dwyer Middle School


Academic Overview

The goal of the instructional program at Dwyer Middle School is to ensure access to high-quality curriculum and instruction for all students in order to meet or exceed the state's content standards.


Implement a results-oriented literacy program to raise achievement level of all students which:

  • aligns with current CCSS standards
  • matches current research
  • institutes best practices
  • applies state-adopted, research-based literacy interventions to help struggling students gain success

Language Arts

State-adopted reading/language arts materials serve as the core instructional program. Additional leveled readers, both fiction and informational text, are used during small group guided reading ...more

History/Social Science

State-adopted instructional materials form the basis of the core program. All students are provided with a class per day focused on grade appropriate History-Social Science learning. Students involved in our CORE/Literacy classes, for students scoring 'Does Not Meet Standard' on the SBAC testing program, are provided with instruction in this area through reading in the content area with a focus on reading skills vs. History-Social Science instruction.


Priority is given to the teaching of mathematics, and placing students in the correct classes relative to their readiness to understand and acquire math skills. Students are constantly formatively assessed, and moved into the correct class regardless of the time of year.

Dwyer uses our board approved state-adopted mathematics materials. Grade level standards and the Mathematics Framework for Public Schools drive the instructional program in mathematics.

Students are placed in classes at each grade using multiple measures including SBAC scores, teacher recommendations, GPA, students work habits, and other formative and summative data. The following courses are available at each grade level:

6th Graders: Math 6 Collab (for students with below grade level skills), Math 6, Math 6 Gen. Ed (for students at/above grade level).  


7th Graders Math 7 Collab (for students with below 7th grade skills), Math 7(for students at 7th grade skills), Math 7 Accelerated (Student who are above grade level skills).

8th Graders Math 8 Collab (for students with below 7th grade skills), Math 8(for students at 7th grade skills), Math 8 Accelerated (Student who are above grade level skills).


Dwyer follows the state mandated curriculum, including beginning the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards. All grades/students take a full year of science instruction. Eighth graders take the California Science Test (CAST) at the end of the year.

Environmental Science is offered as a Science elective.

Physical Education

The California State Framework for Physical Education is the base for the program here at Dwyer. All students participate in a full year of physical education classes throughout each year of attendance. The focus of our physical education program is the development of healthy lifestyles, motor skills and movement knowledge, and social and personal skills as well as sports and game skills. Equipment is available to all physical education classes in sufficient quantity to ensure ease of program implementation at each grade level.


In addition to our elective programs offered through our focus on Visual and Performing Arts, Dwyer students are exposed to courses such as web design, animation, technology, environmental sciences, guitar, and industrial arts.

CLICK HERE to view ALL Dwyer Electives.


If you are picking a class that has an application to it, turn the application in to the teacher on the application.  You will still need to make that class one of your choices by priority 1-4.

If you are picking a class that you must audition for, please still pick the class in order of your priority as well as auditioning.  

Aide positions are only for 8th graders.  The forms are in the front office.