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Counselors on Campus

Dwyer strives to give students as much support and assistance as possible, including counseling for all students.

We have three counselors from Outreach Concern, an outside counseling service that we contract with to provide additional counseling for all students. Counseling from Outreach Concern requires a parent to fill out a permission slip, that can be picked up in the office.

Though Dwyer does not have traditional grade-level academic counselors, our three administrators count academic counseling in their job description. Their doors are always open for students. Students should feel free to drop by for counseling as needed.

Of course, all of our teachers do informal counseling all day long as well. Students may talk with their teachers about issues or ask for referrals to our Outreach counselors or our administrators should the need arise.

If you believe your student needs counseling services, call us and we will make those services happen.