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If you are interested in joining a club, please make sure to contact the Faculty Advisor(s) or Student Representatives(s).



Club Name Brief Description Meeting Days Meeting Times Location Faculty Advisor(s) Student Representative(s)
Surf Club Requires permission slip to surf off campus

Talk with Faculty Advisors directly


Before School
17th & PCH

Ms. Wood

Ms. Ward

Art Club Share new art techniques and do fun activities Mondays 4th Period Lunch Room 302 Ms. Mazzera

Kathryn C

Sage M

Star Wars Club Inform students about Star Wars by doing crafts and having fun Mondays 4th Period Lunch Room 205 Ms. Joelle

Collin H

Michael I

Pokemon Club To have Pokemon battles and learn about good sportsmanship Tuesdays 4th Period Lunch Room 217 Mrs. Demo

Gavin S

Donte M

Pin Making Club Making pins to wear or decorate things Tuesdays 4th Period Lunch Room 205 Ms. Joelle

Phoebe H

Chloe K

Sign Language Club To provide a basic introduction to sign language Tuesdays 4th Period Lunch Room 206 Mrs. Moloney

Chloe S

Emma S

Delylah L

Animals Matter To help save animals by speaking out, promoting pet adoption, and more Every other Wednesday 4th Period Lunch Room 205 Ms. Joelle

Emma S

Chloe G

Backstage Arts Club Learn basic sewing, hair and make-up for theater Every other Friday 4th Period Lunch Room 101 Mrs. Ries

Madelyn V

Week In Review Take information about the week on a school-wide, local, and global level to make a timeline of events


5th Period Lunch Room 404 Ms. Cortes

Josh B

Mark E

The Underrated Instruments Club To teach basic music to non-musicians with kazoos, recorders, triangles and cowbell Tuesdays 5th Period Lunch Room 304 Mrs. Mannarelli

Gigi H

Shekinah R

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) All students welcome to join to focus on culture, food and simple phrases Every other Tuesday 5th Period Lunch Room 403 Mrs. French


Eric T

Aubrey T

Dwyer Numismatics Teaching people about coins and their history Wednesdays 5th Period Lunch Room 113

Mr. Bowman

Connor H

Hsieh C

Beach Volleyball To be able to learn and play beach volleyball

Every other Thursday

5th Period Lunch Room 40

Ms. Cortes

Mr. Priebe

Hunter G

Bennet R

Dwyer Golf Requires permission slip to golf off campus

Once a Month (TBD)

Talk with Faculty Advisors directly

3:30-5:00 Golf Course Mr. Smith
Ms. Wood

Samantha T

Nicholas T

Cinema Stars Discuss G-rated movies watched during club Mondays 2:45-3:45 Room 206 Mrs. Moloney

Izzy N

Bella M

Spanish Club (Club de Espanol) To help people learn or get better at Spanish Every other Monday 2:45-3:30 Room 104 Mrs. Palmer Jessica R
"If Only" (Global Warming Awareness) Spread awareness about global warming and climate change to make our planet better Tuesdays 3:00-4:00 Room 302 Ms. Mazzera

Sydney H

Madelyn S

Mathcounts To enhance students' ability and desire to solve math problems Every other Tuesday 2:45-3:30 Room 405

Mrs.  Durbin

Benjamin D

James D

Matthew P

(HBHS students)

Femineers Build female student’s self-efficacy and confidence in STEM subjects Wednesdays 3:00-4:30 Room 403

Mrs. French

Mrs. Mannarelli


3-D Printing Club Explore what is possible with 3-D design and printing Fridays 3:00-4:00 Library Mr. Segal

Elizabeth F

Adeline B