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Student Clubs

2022-2023 Clubs listed below... If you'd like to join a club... speak directly with the Club Advisor



Club Name Meeting Days Meeting Times Location Faculty Advisor(s) Student Representative(s)
Surf Club

Talk with Faculty Advisors directly


Before School
17th & PCH

Ms. Wood

Ms. Ward

Art and Animation Tuesdays

After School


Room 103 Mrs. Ries

Theo S.

Brooklyn H.

Board Game Club Thursdays 6th/7th Lunch Library Mr. Segal

Andrew M.

Colton D.

Chill Club Tuesdays 6th/7th Lunch Room 215 Mr. Slutsky

Chase S.

Dance/Theater Prep Tuesdays 6th/7th Lunch Room B1 Mrs. Chappell Brock

Rylee M.

Juliet W.

Dungeons and Dragons Mondays 6th/7th Lunch Room 213 Mrs. Carman

Layla J.

FM Designers Tuesdays 6th/7th Lunch Room 101 Mrs. Ries

Jordyn R.

Audrey B.

Giga Chad Club Thursdays 6th/7th Lunch Room 104 Mrs. Palmer

Jonah M.

Darya S.

Hip Hop Dance Tuesdays

8th Lunch

Room B1 Mrs. Brock

Sophia D.

Yuna M.

Nerd Club Tuesdays

After School


Room 302

Mrs. Bray

Scott P.

Kai W.

Pep Squad


After School


Upper Field

Mrs. Dieda

Sammie R.

Lucy D.