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Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for "Shrek." (All 80 people!!!)


Our first rehearsal is after school on Tuesday, January 23rd until 4:30pm. You will get your script and rehearsal calendar at that time.


Techie auditions are also after school on Tuesday, January 23rd.


Shrek Cast List

Shrek: Rebecca Rozint

Princess Fiona: Ella Acciaca, Sarah Hart

Donkey: Vivian Bui

Lord Farquuad: Dilan Le

Young Fiona: Brooke Doan

Teen Fiona: Rachel Carr

Dragon: Rachel Carr

Gingy: Sammy Dorfman
Pinocchio: Christina Brady
Guard: Noa Chanin

More Guards: Roslyn Brown, Marissa Catania, Charlotte Dosier, Lizzie Rhineer

Elf: Sofia Ciro

Peter Pan: Joseph Cobb

Ugly Duckling: Catherine Dosier

Fairies: Tabitha Bloom

3 Pigs: Sophia Darr, Sabrina Heim, Ava Donovan

Mama Bear: Katie Rangel

Papa Bear: Ardian Pepic

Baby Bear: Claire Tunstall

Merlin: Kriztian Suto

3 Blind Mice: Roslyn Brown, Marissa Catania, Sadie Conway

Big Bad Wolf: Grayson Garcia

Wicked Witch: Daphne Moyes

Mad Hatter: Leila Maddox

Pied Piper: Paige Kim

Bishop: Leila Maddox

Dwarf: Marissa Catania


Rat Tappers: Roslyn Brown, Ruby Brown, Sadie Perlman, Kaitlyn Jacobs, Abigail Dubencheck, Kate Meschuk, Katie Rangel (Dilan Le & Christina Brady)


Skeleton Dancers: Roslyn Brown, Ruby Brown, Marissa Catania, Jaidyn Jones, Taylor August, Noa Chanin, Sadie Conway, Ellie Henderson, Taylor Barbee, Abigail Duvendack


Duloc Dancers: Rachel Jaskowiak, Roslyn Brown, Ruby Brown, Marissa Catania, Jaidyn Jones, Taylor August, Noa Chanin, Sadie Conway, Ellie Henderson, Charlotte Dosier, Ashlyn Friedland, Lili Mendel, Ahneya Cross, Olivia Gamez, Layne Barnes, Lizzie Rhineer, Carly Neideringhaus, Reyna Rassouli

Posted by: Erin Chappell Brock
Published: 1/19/18