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Help us choose who has the best artwork for the TUPE banner and Slogan contest.  Use the link to vote.  


The winner of the contest will have their work displayed in the hallway.

Posted by: Mrs. Mason
Published: 10/2/17

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Hey Jr. Oilers!!!  If you are interested in joining WEB, please complete the attached application.  Applications are due this Thursday.  We will be announcing the WEB leaders for 2017-2018 on Friday.  



Posted by: Mrs. Mason
Published: 5/23/17

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Follow the link to find out how Measure Q will help maintain Huntington Beach City as a competitive School District that continues to prepare students to compete in a global economy.

Posted by: James Lincoln
Published: 4/19/17

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Thanks to all who came and auditioned for this year's production of "Once On This Island." Our school has so much talent! (It was hard to chose.)


Please come to the first day of rehearsals (mandatory) for a table read on Tuesday, February 14th from 2:45 - 4:30 pm in the auditorium.


Ti Moune: Jaedynn Latter

Erzulie: Christina Brady & Quinn Ewing (Double-cast)

Asaka: Sarah Hart

Mama Euralie: Oonagh Strong

Andrea: Brooke Holder

Daniel Beauxhomme: Evan Bain

Papa Ge: Vivian Bui

Agwe: Haley Fort

Tonton Julian (Grandma): Taylor Cox

Daniel’s Father: Madison Karl

Gate Keeper: Grayson Garcia

Storytellers: Chelsea Lasky, Ella Acacia, Taylor August, Marissa Catania


Gossipers: Sara Crespo, Karis Chapple, Reyna Rassouli, Rachel Carr


Villagers: Taylor Barbee, Hannah Wood, Isabella Graves, Joseph Cobb, Roslyn Brown, Avery LeBlanc, Kassius Arreola, Noa Chanin, Sophia Darr, Sadie Conway, Daphne Moyes, Sabrina Heim, Mearra Illagan, Paige Kim, Reyna Rassouli, Cameron Briggs, Sara Crespo, Karis Chapple, Rachel Carr


Grands Hommes: Hannah Wood, Taylor Barbee, Isabella Graves, Joseph Cobb, Roslyn Brown, Avery LeBlanc, Kate Meschuk, Paige Kim, Reyna Rassouli

Posted by: Erin Chappell Brock
Published: 2/9/17

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Here is a sample of how homework should be formatted.  Remember to fold paper in half to create the two columns.


Posted by: Rachelle Carman
Published: 1/31/17