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W.E.B. Day for New Incoming Students

Where Everybody Belongs:  This schedule is for those students who are new to Dwyer.  

last name A-L: Wednesday, Sept. 2nd 

last name M-Z: Thursday, Sept. 3rd 

We'll meet in the Dwyer Cafeteria form 8am-11:45

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Principal's Message:


Welcome to to Dwyer Middle School, home of the Jr. Oilers! Dwyer Middle School is a 6th through 8th grade school which serves the coastal Huntington Beach community. We have four main feeder Elementary Schools which include SeaCliff, Smith, Peterson and Perry Elementary. We vary in enrollment from 1250 to 1275 students each year. Most of our students will then attend Huntington Beach High School. Dwyer prides itself on the many academic and extra curricular opportunities that enrich your student's education. My best advice to you as a prospective Dwyer student and family; get involved! Join PTSA, join a sport, join a club, try something you've never tried before! Your Middle School experience might determine the classes you take in High School, the friendships you make and especially how rewarding your experience at Dwyer can be.

This year, the Dwyer PTSA and student leadership team represented by ASB and NJHS rolled out the red carpet for our parents and students at our back-to-school registration.  Our volunteers greeted new and returning students with smiles, reassurance and enthusiasm. Even though we experienced one of the warmest days of the summer, the lines moved very quickly and we were ready with Kona Shaved Ice to enjoy as students got their pictures taken.

 With successful programs Dwyer ensures students will have every opportunity to succeed and be rewarded for their hard work. Dwyer students reduced the number of D&F letter grades by nearly 1,000 over the course of our intervention program's implementation, and a record number of students are earning honor roll.

Dwyer is continually looking for ways to reach students and connect them to the wonderful things we can offer. Part of doing well at school is feeling good about coming to school to do your best. Dwyer is leading the way when it comes to preventing bullying at school. Dwyer starts the process with multiple discipline and Anti-Bullying assemblies for all grade levels. We use a progressive discipline policy supported by Outreach Counseling, a School Psychologist, Huntington Beach Police School Resource Officer and our highly trained staff to address both bullies and students who are bullied. Students are encouraged to use our Safe-to-Speak link and Text-to-Tip anonymous reporting options to advocate for themselves and others. Our top priority is to make sure students are safe and can do their best at school each and every day.

This year Dwyer is spending the majority of our staff development to prepare both our curriculum and instruction to meet the Common Core State Standards. The next couple of years will be a very exciting time here at Dwyer and the state of California. Dwyer is on the cutting edge of technology in our classrooms and preparing our students for success at the next stage of their education and lives. 

This is going to be the best year Dwyer has ever had and it’s thanks to the amazing support we receive from our Dwyer families. To find out how to support your student’s success sign up to become a member of PTSA and join us at our monthly meetings. The more you know the better your Dwyer Middle School experience will be. Go Jr Oilers!!!


Dr. Morgan Smith


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Dwyer's hotline to report incidents or concerns that happen at school. Call or text 657-215-0050

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New Birthday Policy

Balloons are no longer allowed on campus. You can now celebrate your student's birthday by sending a message on the school marquee. Click on the image below to see how to set it up.